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Nicole Covey

I am a PhD student at Trent University in the department of Canadian Studies located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. My dissertation is going to look at how Canada leverages its alliances and relationships to maintain Arctic security historically. I focus on understanding the evolution of Canada’s relationship with NATO and NORAD and how that transects … Continue reading Nicole Covey

Laura Barbero Palacios

I am an ecologist specialized in wildlife management and conservation, and terrestrial ecosystem ecology. I have finished my studies in Spain, and currently I am working as a research assistant in the Agricultural University of Iceland (Landbúnaðarháskóli Íslands). I am interested in understanding the interactions between herbivores and tundra ecosystems since these habitats are rapidly changing … Continue reading Laura Barbero Palacios

Penny Clarke

I am a marine conservationist and ocean educator, who draws upon perspectives, whether through spying on whales from space or exploring the human lens, to foster a collective connection to our oceans through science communication. I am a PhD Researcher, studying cetacean mass strandings and ocean health from space, with SENSE Earth Observation CDT, based at … Continue reading Penny Clarke

Shalaka Kiran Patil

I am an Arctic microbiologist exploring the flourishing interaction between microbial warfare in global climate change which has become a major concern. My work evolves around bacterial and archaeal domains of life from the study of landfills to the frozen soils of Arctic permafrost. I am a native of India currently based in Norway for … Continue reading Shalaka Kiran Patil

Greenland Science Week 2021 – It’s a Wrap!

Authored by: Elsbeth Bembom / The Greenland Science Week team Edited by: Danita Catherine Burke / Women in the Arctic and Antarctic After a two year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Greenland Science Week was once again held in person in 2021 with a wide range of events, discussions, seminars and activities across … Continue reading Greenland Science Week 2021 – It’s a Wrap!