The Women in the Arctic and Antarctic initiative promotes networking and information sharing among Polar researchers and knowledge holders. If you wish to feature a profile on the website you need to: (1) identify as a women; (2) be actively involved in Polar research with a track record of Polar work (e.g. an academic, think tank researcher, research institute member) or some aspect of established Polar representation (e.g. an elder, or a representative of an Indigenous peoples organisation, NGO or level of government); (3) be open to contributing a profile which includes a profile picture and an outline about yourself and your Polar work; and (4) be open to contributing contact information that may result in correspondence, preferably an email address and some form of social media and/or work website information. Please note that editorial assistance is part of the profile submission process. If you have difficulty communicating in English at a professional level, assistance will be provided to help you craft your profile in an effective manner to meet your networking needs.

Profiles are not to be used to advocate for, or endorse, a product, political or ideological view, organisation or government/regime and a profile submitted that is deemed to attempt to do so will be rejected.

Profiles are meant to help you introduce yourself and your work to a wider audience and foster networking. Typically a minimum is that you will be working on your PhD with a specialization in some aspect of the Polar regions to be featured (excluding Indigenous knowledge holders), though this is open to discussion depending on things like relevant Polar work history and area of study or work (e.g. engineer, nurse, artist). 

The initiative also has the Fieldwork Reflection series. It is an opportunity to provide insights and reflections on fieldwork experiences in the Polar regions. This option is available to those who have contributed a profile to the initiative. Please contact for more details.

If you wish to promote a Polar event, specific research output, funding opportunity, or Polar-focused organisation or seminar, please send an email to discuss further. Please note that there is no gender stipulation on the opportunity to request assistance to promote a Polar event (e.g. conference, workshop, guest speaker), funding opportunities, or another Polar-focused initiative.

All those interested in contributing a profile should email first to briefly discuss your potential profile before sending a final submission. Please note that automatic acceptance of your profile or contribution is not guaranteed. Grounds for rejection of request to add a profile or for removing your profile from the website include (but are not exclusive to): administrative inability to verify the authenticity of your identity/credentials/profile statements, insulting/abusive communication to members of the initiative network and/or administration, and attempting to use a profile as a political platform, product advertisement, and/or to insult/undermine claims by other scholars and/or knowledge holders.