If you are interested in reproducing any of the profiles in digital format, the terms and conditions of doing so are: (1) must not remove, change or add to any of the content or title of the piece, without seeking and receiving WiAA approval first; (2) if you want to use a picture(s) associated with a profile, please contact the initiative and request permission and do not use the image until permission has explicitly been given; (3) in a clear to see place at the top or bottom of the profile piece that you reproduce you must include acknowledgement that the piece has been reproduced from the Women in the Arctic and Antarctic website; (4) there must be an embedded link back to the original profile that you reproduce and a link to our social media (Twitter: @arctic_in) to help promote the women featured on the website; (5) if you promote the profile on twitter, please try to tag our twitter account so we can highlight the piece for our audience, including the woman featured; and (6) and if a women requests that her profile not be reproduced or removed, this is to be respected and the profile removed from your website if you have used it (women participating in the WiAA initiative retain the right to have all content about them in the website removed if they request it so this must carry through to any reproduction of that content).

If you are interested in reproducing any materials for the website (excluding profiles if reproduced digitally following the above terms and conditions), you must contact the initiative for permission first.