Amanda Ziegler – (Natural Science) – Biodiversity and biogeography; Antarctic Peninsula; phytoplankton

Blanca Figuerola – (Marine biology, biodiversity and chemical ecology) – Marine animal change in response to environment; Antarctic bryozoans

Carol Devine – (Advocate; NGOs) – Antarctic; Arctic; plastics; medical care; Svalbard; environmental clean-up; climate change and environmental degradation

Clare Eayrs – (Natural Science) – Antarctica; climate change; solar radiation; sea ice levels

Daniella McCahey – (History) – Gender history in Antarctic field sites; the histories of Antarctic volcanology and botany; Antarctic whaling; history of South Georgia

Ekaterina Uryupova – (Environmnetal Science) – Arctic; Antarctic; Environmental Protection; Marine Pollution; fishery; biodiversity; and environmental policies

Hanna Kauko – (Biology and Biological Oceanography) – Antarctic; Dronning Maud Land; Svalbard; Norway; phytoplankton; marine food webs; autonomous monitoring possibilities

Kimberly Aiken – (International Environmental Policy) – Arctic; Antarctic; Stakeholder engagement; Polar political policy; Diversity; Inclusion; Indigenous knowledge

Madeleine Brasier – (Marine Biology) – Antarctica; Antarctic invertebrate; DNA barcoding and genetic analysis; Antarctic polychaetes; Changing environmental conditions; species and habitat management and protection

Maxine King – (Palaeoclimate and Antarctic Geosciences) – Antarctic; Ross Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History; sedimentary processes

Narissa Bax – (Marine Biology) – Antarctic; Sea corals; Patagonia; Southern Ocean; conservation; blue carbon; ocean chemistry and acidification

Rachel Downey – (Natural Sciences) – Antarctic; sub-Antarctic; fish; crustaceans; annelids; sponges; seabed shelf biomass

Sarah Di Giglio – (Biology) – Antarctic; Ocean acidification; CO2; Biomechanical characteristics of calcified skeletons; Hydrothermal vents; echinoderms

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