Giuditta Celli

I am a PhD Candidate in Polar Science at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy, working with researchers from the Italian Institute of Polar Science (CNR-ISP). My research focuses on the Antarctic Plateau, precisely on the photochemistry of mercury and iodine in surface snow and Ice Cores from the EAIIST project (East Antarctica International Ice Sheet Traverse). This would help to better understand the behaviour of a pollutant as mercury and of a cloud condensation nuclei and ozone depletion agent as iodine.

After my Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Florence, I gained some experience in private environmental analysis laboratory but I decided to leave the private sector and to approach the polar science.  In 2019 I spent one year in Antarctica for a winterover in Concordia station, where I learned how to stay on the field, and I fell in love with this harsh lonely and stunning continent. Antarctica was the starting point for my PhD that also gave me the chance to spend a couple of months in the Arctic Italian research station at Svalbard Islands, a completely different and amazing work experience.

In my spare time I love doing science disclosure for helping people and students to approach the science world and to have a new sight on the poles and what they mean for our planet.

If you would like to contact me to know more about my work or to involve me in some science projects do not hesitate to write: