Many people are trying to develop their careers and promote their views and scholarship of the Polar regions within the confines of funding and time limitations that hinder access to traditional networking opportunities. These barriers can be amplified for many people going to, living in, and from the Polar regions by the geographic size of, and costs and access of transportation in and from, the regions. Women in particular, due to a range of gender in-balance factors can have these access limitations amplified and therefore need more accessible and open spaces for information sharing and promotion of their profiles, work and knowledge, to each another and to wider audiences.

As such the WiAA aims to:

  • Foster a community of awareness about the range of topics, talents, experiences and outputs by women doing work in and about the Polar Regions;
  • Facilitate digital networking through profiles about women contributing to Polar research and representation;
  • Share information about wider funding, research, and networking opportunities and avenues with the intent of providing ideas and inspiration to all scholars and Polar experts and knowledge holders;
  • Encourage research and fieldwork reflection by women doing and contributing to Polar scholarship and representation; and
  • Showcase the work, views, and experiences of women doing and contributing to a wide range of Polar representation, scholarship and scholarship-related opportunities and experiences.