Michaela Stith

I am a lifelong Alaskan with a passion for environmental justice in the Arctic. In August 2020 I started as a Program Assistant at a Washington, D.C. policy think tank called the Wilson Center. Since joining the Wilson Center’s Polar Institute, I have coordinated more than a dozen high-level events and multiple publications related to … Continue reading Michaela Stith

Whitehorse, Yukon - 15 Nov 2018 (Copyright: Danita Catherine Burke)

The Past, Present and Future of Arctic Cooperation (Joint CIC and UVic Event Summary)

On the 25th November 2020, the Canada-Russia Research Initiative and the Canadian International Council's (@thecic) Victoria Branch at the University of Victoria (@uvic) hosted a discussion panel titled “The Past, Present and Future of Arctic Cooperation.” The panel included Hon. Lloyd Axworthy (former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Canada), Ambassador Alison LeClaire (Canadian Ambassador … Continue reading The Past, Present and Future of Arctic Cooperation (Joint CIC and UVic Event Summary)

Mette Bendixen

I’m trained as a physical geographer and received my PhD-degree from the Center for Permafrost (CENPERM) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 which is a center for excellence. Since 2017, I’ve worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR), University of Colorado, Boulder, US. In my work … Continue reading Mette Bendixen

Alexa Reedman

I am currently the North by North Research Manager at the ArcticNet Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE). I have always been passionate about science and the importance of research in our society. Growing up, I firmly believed that I would become a marine biologist. However, when I reached university, it became clear that this … Continue reading Alexa Reedman