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Hrefna D Gunnarsdóttir

My research interests can be broadly framed within human dignity in health, research regulation and social welfare issues. In the Circumpolar North context, I am especially interested in health law and wellbeing, and legal and ethical issues related to scientific research reciprocity, health data use and data sovereignty. I am currently undertaking a PhD in … Continue reading Hrefna D Gunnarsdóttir

Mindy Jewell Price

Mindy Jewell Price I am a sociologist and political ecologist studying agrarian change across the Circumpolar North, using ethnographic and archival research methods. As a PhD candidate at the University of California at Berkeley, I research the social and political processes that affect the design, management, and impacts of agricultural development in the Northwest Territories, … Continue reading Mindy Jewell Price

Giuditta Celli

Giuditta Celli I am a PhD Candidate in Polar Science at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy, working with researchers from the Italian Institute of Polar Science (CNR-ISP). My research focuses on the Antarctic Plateau, precisely on the photochemistry of mercury and iodine in surface snow and Ice Cores from the EAIIST project (East … Continue reading Giuditta Celli