My name is Anna Soer and I am a PhD student at the University of Ottawa School of Political studies. My research focuses on the development of renewable energy infrastructures in Arctic Canada and Norway within Inuit and Saami communities. Through this research project, I seek to question the meaning of grounding sustainability and development in Inuit and Saami epistemologies as well as to question the governance mechanisms involved in the development of these infrastructures on Inuit and Saami lands. Several key themes serve as conceptual anchors in this research such as green colonialism, Indigenous sovereignty, as well as gender and race.

I am also an affiliated researcher at the Observatoire de la politique et de la sécurité de l’Arctique at the National School of Public Administration in Québec (ÉNAP), where the research team I am a research assistant for focuses on trans-border cooperation in the North American Arctic. 

I have obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Language at the Université Bordeaux-Montaigne (France) and after half a year of work as a researcher in social inequalities in Kosovo, I furthered my studies in Human Geography (specialization in conflict, territories, and identities) at Radboud University (Netherlands) where I obtained my MSc. My MSc thesis focused on Inuit wellbeing in Nunavut and the impacts of colonialism. After completing my MSc research during the pandemic, I started my PhD in Political Science at the University of Ottawa. My educational background in language and literature informs much of the theoretical debates of my current doctoral research, where epistemologies – words, languages – have a central position.

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Landriault, Mathieu., Savard, Jean-François., Soer, Anna and Renaud, Julie. (2022). “L’indépendance du Groenland: Un mouvement qui a le vent dans les voiles.” Regards géopolitiques 8(1): 2-9.

Savard, Jean-François., Landriault, Mathieu., Saël, Emmanuel., Soer, Anna.,  Nzobonimpa, Stany. (2021). “La COVID-19 dans l’est de l’Arctique nord américain: évolution de la pandémie et stratégies d’atténuation.” Observatoire des administrations publiques autochtones.