University of Southern Denmark’s Danish Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS) is hosting Dr. Bathsheba Demuth as part of their Opening Reception for CONNECTIONS exhibition.

Dr. Demuth is an northern environmental historian and author and her talk titled “Do Whales Judge Us? Interspecies History and Ethics” is on September 1st, 2021 (14.00-15.00 GMT +2). Entrance to the DIAS talk is free and can be attended online (via zoom –

About the presenter and their research:

Dr. Demuth is an assistant professor at Brown University and is currently an Andrew Carnegie Fellow.  She is an environmental historian, specializing in the lands and seas of the Russian and North American Arctic. Her interest in northern environments and cultures began at 18 when she moved to Old Crow, Yukon Territory, Canada where she learned about survival in the taiga and tundra including skills like dog sledding, hunting caribou, fishing for salmon, and tracking bears. Since liking in Old Crow Dr. Demuth has visited Arctic communities across Eurasia and North America and is interested in how the histories of people, ideas, places, and non-human species intersect. Her writing on these subjects has appeared in publications from The American Historical Review to The New Yorker.

Dr. Demuth has published in a wide range of outlets. Her 2019 book, Floating Coasts, presents an insightful environmental history of the Bering Strait region, with a focus on marine mammals. The book has garnered significant acclaim and prizes, including being named a Nature top 10 book of the year. Her research crosses disciplinary lines to investigate Russian and US ecological and economic histories and the Indigenous communities and marine mammals intertwined in these nation-building narratives.

You can learn more at Dr. Demuth through her website:

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