I am a Professor of Energy and Resources Law at Macquarie University, but I was formerly the former Director of the Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law (AUCEL). I am an Honorary Professor at the University of Eastern Finland and Murdoch University, and a Visiting Professor at the Biological Research Institute, Tomsk State University, Russian Federation.

I am presently the leader of the multidisciplinary UK-Russian Consortium of Researchers and Experts in Northern Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems (CRENAME), a team of researchers which includes people from universities in Tomsk, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Macquarie and Aberdeen. Together we investigate seabed sediment contamination in the High North and Arctic arising from oil spills and microplastics, its implication for legal reform, and the development of specialised tools for cleaning these types of contamination.

I completed my PhD at the University of Bergen in Norway and my academic background is in marine sediments and geology, political science, applied science, and law. Much of my research is multidisciplinary in nature, and includes working with engineers, geologists and political scientists. Relatedly, I teach in, and research on, the area of petroleum law (offshore), Arctic resources law and shale gas law.

I have undertaken teaching and research in numerous countries including the UK, Australia, Norway, Canada, Iceland, Greece, Finland, Russia, the USA, and the Philippines. My expertise in regulating petroleum activities has been sought worldwide, undertaking activities such as analysing petroleum laws, drafting legislation and advising governments, industry groups and NGO’s worldwide.

My current research interests include: mitigating the environmental impacts of resource extraction, the role of science in the regulation of resource extraction activities, offshore wind licensing and regulation, shale gas extraction in Australia, energy security, Arctic petroleum law, regulation, and environment, multidisciplinary approaches to resource regulation, State control in hydrocarbon extraction, the new hydrogen economy, halal slaughter, and Indigenous and religious concepts in natural resources law.

To date, Tina has published eight books and over one hundred articles, book chapters and conference papers. She is currently working on a book on Russian Petroleum Law, the first of its kind. She is also currently writing on a number of areas, including Russian Arctic fuel security and oil security in Australia.

If you would like to contact me or learn more about me:

Email: tina.solimanhunter@mq.edu.au

University Profile Page: https://researchers.mq.edu.au/en/persons/tina-soliman-hunter

Select Publication:

Soliman Hunter, Tina and Fodchenko, Irina. (2020). “Regulation of Petroleum Exploratin and production in Russia” in Routledge Handbook of Energy Law , edited by Tina Soliman Hunter, Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, Penelope Crossley, and Gloria Alvarez. Routledge.

Hunter, Tina. (2018). “Redefining energy security; the ‘new prize’ in a time of Arctic petroleum resources and technological development” in International Political Economy of Oil and Gas edited by Slawomir Raszewski. Palgrave.

Soliman Hunter, Tina; Frank, Y.A.; Vorobiev, E.D.; Vorobiev, D.S.; Trifonov, A.A.; Antsiferov, D.V.; Soliman Wilson, S.P.; and Strezov, V. (2021). “Preliminary screening for microplastic concentrations in the surface water of the Ob and Tom Rivers in Siberia, Russia.” Sustainability  13(1): 1-14. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13010080.

Soliman Hunter, Tina; Frank, Yulia A. ; Vorobiev, Danil S. ; Merzlyakov, Oleg E. ; Sataev, Farid R. ; Trifonov, Andrey A. ; Kopylov, Evgeny O. ; Stryluk, Konstantin V. ; Kalinovskaya, Ekatarina A. ; Gronskiy, Sergey V. ; Chibrikov, Oleg V. ; Perminova, Vladislava V. ; Branevskiy, Yaroslav V. ; Kulizhskiy, Sergey P. (2020). “Cleaning of oil-polluted bottom sediments of the boreal lake, Samotlor oil field, North Russia : case report.” Water Science and Technology 82(12):  3062-3073.

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