I am currently the North by North Research Manager at the ArcticNet Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE). I have always been passionate about science and the importance of research in our society. Growing up, I firmly believed that I would become a marine biologist. However, when I reached university, it became clear that this was not my path. Instead, I pursued two degrees simultaneously – a Bachelor of Management and a Bachelor of Science.

The intersection of these two fields is where I excel. My role in the future of Canadian research is to structure and support national and international research programs and initiatives. I spent the first several years of my career working at the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network.

Throughout my time at MEOPAR, I worked closely with the Network’s Scientific Director, Dr. Doug Wallace. As part of the renewal process, I learned how to translate the vision of our Directors and experts on the Research Management Committee into a functional, strategic research program.

We were renewed, and I was promoted to Research Program Manager. However, the part I remember the most, and can still feel, is the weight of massive responsibility for the livelihoods of the people tied to the future of the Network. If we had failed, we would have lost the Canadian ocean research community $28.5 million.

Following MEOPAR’s renewal, I began working on our ocean data integration initiative CIOOS with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and with Dr. Jackie Dawson around her amazing work on the Arctic Corridors project.

These days, I work closely with Dr. Dawson. At ArcticNet, she and I work with the Inuit Advisory Committee and the Territorial Advisory Committee on the North by North Program. We support the Inuit-led, governed and directed “Inuit Nunangat Research Program” in partnership with Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), and the Northern Research Leaders Program that supports the appointment of research leaders and chairs at Yukon University, Aurora College and Nunavut Arctic College.

Moving forward, I aim to support the future of Canadian Arctic science with ArcticNet, Arctic shipping with Dr. Dawson via the creation of the Canadian Arctic Shipping and Transportation Network (CASTnet) and the integration of Canadian Arctic data through my External Advisory Committee position with CCADI.

If you would like to contact me, my information is:

Email: alexa.reedman@uottawa.ca

Twitter: @alexareedman

CIOOS publications:

Steward, Andrew et al. [including Alexa Reedman] (2019). Frontiers in Marine Science. https://doi.org/10.3389/fmars.2019.00431.

Santos, Kelley., Reedman, Alexa., and Wallace, Douglas. (2019). “The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System: Background, Current Status, and Future Scenarios.” The Journal of Ocean Technology 14(4): 1-14. https://meopar.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/CIOOS-Essay-12.19.pdf

MEOPAR Departure:

MEOPAR. (2020). “MEOPAR veteran Alexa Reedman moves on.” https://meopar.ca/news/missyoualexa/