My journey to the North started as a curious visitor from Ontario who somehow never quite got around to leaving the Yukon.  I graduated from University of Toronto (History), Yukon College (Northern Studies), and Lakehead University (History) and I am currently meandering after a PhD in Canadian Studies at Trent University (part time) while working as Chair of the School of Liberal Arts (since 2019) and instructor of Northern Studies and History at Yukon University. I have been working and teaching there since 1992 first as managing editor of The Northern Review and part-time instructor, as half-time Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences in Arts and Science (1994-1998), and, since 2004, as full-time instructor and UArctic coordinator.

As a participant in, and beneficiary of, the Northern Studies program at Yukon College, now Yukon University, I developed a personal, professional and academic interest in the story of post-secondary education and research in the Yukon and in the North. My interest in these led me to work with the late Jim Macdonald to revise the ACUNS – Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies’ Ethical Principles for the Conduct of Research in the North in 1997.

For the past five years, I’ve helped to run a YukonU forum on research called ResearChats. I am an alternate member and past co-chair of the university’s Research Ethics Board. I am an active contributor to ACUNS, to the University of the Arctic, especially its Circumpolar Studies program and its new Læra Institute, and a member of Yukon University Senate.

If you would like to know more about me, my research or get in touch:

Twitter: @agraham701 / @researchatyc


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