Written by: Allen Olsen

Event information provided by: Rebecca Lynge

We are very happy to bring news of our progress in organizing the first ever Greenland Science Week in Nuuk, December 1-5, 2019. Following deadlines of workshop & event registration and Call for Abstracts, we now have a rough overview of activities (with more yet to come). We are very proud to announce, that after closing for new event registration, we can now present more than 20 scientific workshops & events from November 30 to December 3. They span over several disciplines and target various participants, as is the whole purpose of the conference, providing a space for cross-disciplinary meetings as well as a platform for dialogue between research and the society of Greenland. Please find attached a rough plan for the activities during Greenland Science Week, as well as an updated program for the Polar Research Conference Day on December 4.

We are also working on our public outreach event – “Research for You”/”Ilisimatusarneq ilinnut”/ ”Forskning for dig”. We are excited to reveal that we already are working with more than 40 different submissions for presentations/posters, activities, stands, booths etc. so far. And, more is in the pipeline. Tuning in to the feedback we also have received, we have chosen to do three things:

a) Extend the deadline for the Call for submission of Abstracts to October 14
b) Allow for submission of Abstracts only (and let you bring the poster along when you come).
c) Set up an entire room for screening science short films on December 5.
Thus, altogether, we expect to have around 100 scientific contributions – or 100 reasons for you to join us in December 2019 for a Greenlandic Week of Arctic Science (including of course Northern Lights).
For more information, please find us online https://da.uni.gl/forskning/greenland-science-week.aspx or please contact the following:

– Workshops/events information (November 30-December 3) Ms. Verena Huppert huppert@cgs.aau.dk
– Workshop participation (November 30-December 3) Please contact the respective event/workshop organizer (see program details)
– Public Outreach Event, including Call for submission of Abstracts (December 5) Ms. Maria Motzfeldt mamo@business.gl
– Poster Coordination & Coordinator of Science Cinema (December 5) Mr. Scott Schnur scott.schnur@emory.edu

Further information on event can be found with the following attachments:

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