My name is Lisbeth Iversen. I am married and have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. We have been living abroad in Belgium, New Delhi in India and Dallas,Texas. Climate change, democracy, human rights, equity, and co-creation for change are just a few of the areas I have taken interest in. I started out with studies in interior design, and further studies to get a Cand.Mag degree in the fields of history of art and architecture, architectural and building conservation, ethnology, cultural heritage and dissemination (UiB). Then I took a Master in regions and regionalization processes at the UiB (MA), and a Master of Management, (MM) at BI, Oslo in the fields of strategic leadership, economy and leadership, and consulting, with my final MM thesis with the subject; International politics in the field of climate and environment, and challenges with implementation at local level. Then I took a Partial Master of Management at Lillehammer University College with the subject Norwegian Municipal Sector and the EU/EØS.

Former work experience: In 2003 I was elected into politics as a Commissioner in Bergen (2003-2013). The first 8 years I was the commissioner of urban development, climate and environment. Before that I ran my own company as an interior designer and architect.

My current work: I hold an adjunct position at NERSC, in Bergen with expertise on the Socio-Economic / community approach within climate research. I contributed in the HIARC-project and I am now a contributor in the INTAROS project( H2020), co-leading INTAROS WP4: Community-based monitoring, where I am responsible for the ongoing case study in Longyerbyen, Svalbard. I am also part of the UAK project, Useful Arctic Knowledge – Partnership for Research and Education funded by the INTPART program. I addition I participate with UIB, in the CoCliServ Project. Citizens Science.

In 2013 I was engaged to lead the building up of a network called “With a Heart For Arendal”, and was appointed as its leader from the 1 January 2017; working through local mobilization and participation to develop a sustainable welfare and development model. I also have been the leader of the national pilot project Sparkling Spaces in Arendal (Levende Lokaler-Arendal). In September 2017 I started my Public Sector PhD-project in collaboration with Oslo School of Architecture & Design (AHO) as the graduating institution, NIBR/OsloMet co-supervising, and Arendal municipality. 

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A sample of my publications includes: intaros-blog-posts-iversen-arendalsweek-wp4-v2-1DOWNLOADreport-aeco-workshop-longyearbyen-march-7-8-2019-v4-2DOWNLOAD

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