Outside of Anchorage, Alaska
(Photo taken by Danita Catherine Burke)

Undertaking fieldwork is a major aspect of Polar research for many people, but all too often there are limited opportunities to really express oneself about the experience; what you did, what you have learned and what you would like others to know when they plan their own fieldwork.

The “Fieldwork Reflections” segment has been in development for some time and the publication of our first interview will be soon available.

Tromsø, Norway
(Photo taken by Danita Catherine Burke)

The hope is that hearing about the fieldwork experiences of women will help inspire others and encourage critical thinking about best practices as they develop projects, plan fieldwork and make necessary arrangements to complete their research.

If you have undertaken fieldwork in the Polar regions and you would like to share about your experiences, please email womeninthearctic@outlook.com to discuss further!

 (Photo copyright for photos used in this piece: Danita Catherine Burke)

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