Logo of “Arctic Relations: Scholarship & Stories”
(Image provided by
Charlotte Gehrke)

Note: The post was written by
Charlotte Gehrke and published by Danita Catherine Burke on behalf of the WiAA

Climate change is rapidly and fundamentally transforming the Arctic. These processes of adaption and mitigation raise questions regarding virtually every facet of life at the North Pole from scientific, to historic, social or cultural to political. Arctic Relations seeks to provide answers to these questions from equally diverse perspectives by championing scholarship and stories from and about the Circumpolar North.

The website is run by Dr. Hannes Hansen-Magnusson and coordinated by Charlotte Gehrke. The idea for the blog grew out of a research project studying multilateral diplomacy in the Arctic. We sought to create an interdisciplinary platform that would seamlessly merge ‘real life’ and academic scholarship. After a few months of preparation, the blog was launched on the 21st of January 2019. We hope that the blog will inspire conversations between individuals passionate about the Arctic, from its citizens to diplomats and observers.

Arctic Relations seeks to contribute to and invest in the conversation between experts, laypersons and Arctic enthusiasts with entries covering everything from how to go about writing a textbook on Arctic politics and governance to Arctic trucker reality TV shows. The blog invites researchers to present their publications as well as work-in-progress, or field notes. Contributors are invited to choose from a wide variety of communication and documentation methods to display their work, including creative approaches, such as a photographic essay on a day in the life of a researcher in the Svalbard region. Similarly, non-academic contributors from all walks of life are invited to share their work, stories, or advocate for environmental, social, cultural or political causes and projects related to life in the Circumpolar North.

If you’re thinking about becoming a contributor yourself, please feel free to contact us via email or by filling out the contact form on arctic-relations.info.

You can follow us on twitter @ArcticRelations and sign up to our newsletter at arctic-relations.info.

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