Samantha Saville – (Human Geography) – Norway; Longyearbyen; Svalbard; conservation and environmental protection; human-nature relations

Sarah Di Giglio – (Biology) – Antarctic; Ocean acidification; CO2; Biomechanical characteristics of calcified skeletons; Hydrothermal vents; echinoderms

Sigrun Sigurdardottir – (Health Science and Nursing) – Arctic; Childhood sexual abuse for women; Psychological trauma and violence; Gender based violence

Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir – (International Relations) – Arctic; Iceland; Icelandic foreign policy analysis; security policy; negotiations; international and US politics; feminism

Silke Reeploeg – (History) – Arctic; Greenland; Shetland Islands; Patagonia; historical and cultural encounters in the Arctic; coastal communities; feminist approaches

Siri Gulliksen Tømmerbakke – (Newspaper Editor) – High North News; politics; business; climate; society; Arctic

Sophie Watson – (Natural Sciences) – Arctic; bacterial and parasitic communities; climate change; anthropogenic stressors; polar bears; wolverines; gastrointestinal health; ecosystem impact of resource development

Tara Cater – (Geography and Political Economy) – Arctic; Canada; Nunavut; resource development; community engagement; mining; Inuit

Tayana Arakchaa – (Linguistics) – Russia; Siberia; Alaska; Sweden; Antarctica; Tozhu reindeer herder-hunters; international agreements; marine resource and minerals; Indigenous peoples

Victoria Buschman – (Conservation Biologist) – Arctic; Indigenous knowledge; conservation assessments; flora and fauna

Zdenka Sokolickova – (Interdisciplinary Studies, Environmental Ethics) –  Arctic; Norway; Svalbard; Longyearbyen; Social Anthropology; identity politics; mining; tourism; globalization

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