Madeleine Brasier – (Marine Biology) – Antarctica; Antarctic invertebrate; DNA barcoding and genetic analysis; Antarctic polychaetes; Changing environmental conditions; species and habitat management and protection

Maria Ackrén – (Political Science and International Relations) – Arctic; Greenland; Finland; Sweden; Thule Base; Greenlandic Independence issues; Democracy; Uranium mining

Marianne Falardeau – (Natural Resource Sciences) – Arctic marine ecology; sustainability science; food web dynamics and ecosystem services; northern communities; Indigenous and local knowledge holders   

Marisol Maddox – (Environmental Studies and Security) – Arctic; US strategy; polar governance; geopolitics; climate change risk mitigation

Maud van Soest – (Natural Sciences) – West Greenland; Biogeochemical cycles; de-glaciated terrain; permafrost

Maxine King – (Palaeoclimate and Antarctic Geosciences) – Antarctic; Ross Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History; sedimentary processes

Megan Sheremata – (Environmental Science) – Canada; Inuit knowledge and land-users; environmental change on sea ice and salinity; environmental management

Mitdlarak Lennert – (Social Sciences, Education) – Arctic; Greenland; Education Systems; Governance of primary school systems; stakeholder prioritization

Narissa Bax – (Marine Biology) – Antarctic; Sea corals; Patagonia; Southern Ocean; conservation; blue carbon; ocean chemistry and acidification

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