Daniella McCahey – (History) – Gender history in Antarctic field sites; the histories of Antarctic volcanology and botany; Antarctic whaling; history of South Georgia

Danita Catherine Burke – (International Relations and Political Science) – Diplomacy and cooperation; Arctic Council; environmental NGOs; identity; role of militaries; Newfoundland; Canada

Daria Shapovalova – (Law) – Arctic; international law; offshore petroleum development and regulation; human rights

Dina Brode-Roger – (Cultural Studies) – Svalbard; Longyearbyen; Norway; identity; local identity; sustainability; policy; media representation; geographical and geopolitical significance

Eimear Tynan – (Architecture and Design) – Norway; Svalbard; Greenland; Russia; Iceland; Arctic landscape; High Arctic coastlines

Elizabeth Buchanan – (International Relations and Defence Studies) – Russian Arctic strategy; Russian-Ukrainian natural gas relations; Arctic energy development; Russian foreign energy strategy and critical infrastructure security

Emily Stevenson – (Geochemistry) – Greenland; glacial erosion; Arctic rivers; Arctic weathering; carbon cycle and climate

Eva la Cour – (Visual artist) – Denmark; Sweden; Norway; Svalbard; media and visual anthropology; the film ‘The Tour’; imaginary geographies and their materialities

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