Carina Ren – (Tourism development and cultural innociation; ethnology) – Greenlandic knowledge collaboration and community-based tourism and entrepreneurship; Arctic; local impact of tourism

Carol Devine – (Advocate; NGO) – Antarctic; plastics; medical care; Svalbard; environmental clean-up; climate change and environmental degradation

Catherine Hirst – (Geochemistry) – Sweden; Northern Russia; Lena River; isotopes, microscopy and spectroscopy techniques; understanding weathering processes

Charlotta Hilli – (Distance Education) – Nordic countries; virtual learning environments; Sami; Finland; Sweden

Clare Eayrs – (Natural Science) – Antarctica; climate change; solar radiation; sea ice levels

Corine Wood-Donnelly – (Political Geography and International Relations) – Sovereignty and legitimacy; Sweden; maritime governance; sustainable development

Courtney Price – (Communications Manager Arctic Council CAFF Working Group; Journalism; Communications) – Iceland; communication strategy; Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program; Arctic Biodiversity Assessment; Arctic Biodiversity Congress; Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative

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