Aki Tonami – (International Political Economy) – Arctic; Asian states, especially Japan; perspectives of women

Alla Pozdnakova – (Law) – Maritime transport and shipping; law of the sea; environmental law; space law; national approaches to Arctic shipping regulations

Allyson Tessin – (Geology and biogeochemistry) – Ocean carbon and nutrient cycles; ocean seafloor environment; fisheries

Amanda Ziegler – (Natural Science) – Biodiversity and biogeography; Antarctic Peninsula; phytoplankton

Anne Merrild Hansen – (Strategic Environmental Assessment) – Greenland; Arctic impact assessments; community impact, benefits and engagement

Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann – (Mircobiology) – Arctic; Greenlandic foods; native gut mircobiomes

Barbara Crawford – (Art and Art History) – Arctic; traditional landscapes; moral relationship to nature; women in Arctic artistic expression

Blanca Figuerola – (Marine biology, biodiversity and chemical ecology) – Marine animal change in response to environment; Antarctic bryozoans