I am a Ph.D. Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Colorado State University in the subfields of international relations, environmental policy, and comparative politics. I am also a Graduate Fellow at the North American and Arctic Security & Defence Network (NAADSN) with Trent University. My research focuses on Arctic politics, critical security and decolonial theory as well as Russian foreign policy in the Arctic.  

At NAADSN, I am working closely with Dr. Wilfred Greaves on a project with the aim of conducting and disseminating research related to human security in Europe and the Arctic. I also write for a variety of online publications including Foreign Policy, Global Security Review, the European Leadership Network, Responsible Statecraft, Riddle Russia amongst many others. I am fluent in English and German and have working proficiency in Dutch and Russian.

For the last year, I worked as the Director of Research for The International Scholar, a project aimed at introducing 80+ young scholars to research in International Relations. While there, I led a group of eight Research Associates in exploring the links between technology and democracy, particularly focusing on social media networks. Previously, I acted as a Senior Research Associate for the Public International Law and Policy Group’s Amsterdam (PILPG-NL) office for three years. There I taught master’s students as part of the International Law Clinic and organized the business development strategies of PILPG-NL.

I am particularly interested in critical theories and try to better understand hidden figures and power relations that may not be readily apparent, including through decolonial approaches and critical security theory. I became interested in the Arctic when I was investigating sites of probable great power competition between the United States and Russia. This led to me look into questions of justice between Indigenous Peoples and benefit-sharing schemes as well as adopting a critical geopolitical lens to better understand Russia’s reimagining of the Arctic as a zone of conflict post 2014.

I am currently working on a project using a decolonial lens to deconstruct US-RU great power competition narratives. I aim to show how these narratives are not conducive for solving the region’s greatest collective action problem: climate change.

If you’d like to contact me or follow my work, you can find me at:

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6252-6882

Email: ggricius@colostate.edu
Twitter: @ModernFledgling

Personal Website: https://www.gabriellagricius.com

Colorado State University Profile: https://polisci.colostate.edu/gabriella-gricius/

NAADSN Profile: https://www.naadsn.ca/people/gabriella-gricius/

Selected Publications:

Gricius, Gabriella. (2020). “Russia’s New Soft Power: The Mir Card System.” The Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 6(2): 32-44.

Gricius, Gabriella (2020). “Russian Ambitions In the Arctic: What to Expect.” Global Security Review https://globalsecurityreview.com/russia-arctic-ambitions/.

Gricius, Gabriella (2020). “How US foreign policy is failing in the Arctic.” Responsible Statecraft https://responsiblestatecraft.org/2020/09/09/how-us-foreign-policy-is-failing-in-the-arctic/.